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When it comes to rebuilding your Goggomobil engine, Gogwerk stands for quality!

When you go to Gogwerk for a full rebuild of your Goggomobil engine, Gogwerk goes the extra mile: you even get an engine with a different number. And of course it's rebuilt to Gogwerk's standards.

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Look at the wonderful work Gogwerk does on your beloved Goggomobil.

Goggo Coupé 250

This Goggo Coupé was taken to Emmendingen for a full engine rebuild. The motor number was written down and the trust in the ability of Gogwerk was pronounced. Gogwerk's promise was that everything would be good and like original again. As requested also the bottom end was checked; the brakes turned out to be worn and faulty. After the rebuild, about 800 kilometers were driven. Then was decided to do the whole process again, and see what Gogwerk had actually delivered. Feast your eyes and look at the surprises that were found.

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Why does this fanpage have this orange color? Of course that's because that is the color of the liquid gasket that Gogwerk uses to make sure nothing leaks...

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